Summer Weight Loss Tips

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Summer is here and it's time to fire up the grill, enjoy the great outdoors, and (ugh!) fit into that bathing suit. When it comes to getting your waistline down to a healthy level, no one likes diets that leave them feeling deprived. That can really ruin your fun. So here are five little weight management tricks that can help you painlessly reduce your appetite and control your weight during the summer months.

  1. Go easy on the air conditioning. People eat more when they live and work in air conditioned rooms. Try to keep your room temperature as close to the natural outside temperature as you comfortably can. If you use central air, you will eat less if your thermostat is set at 75 degrees than if it is set at 65 degrees. Look at this way: if you have to keep a sweater at the office in the summer time, something's wrong with this picture. 

  2. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of sleep. With longer daylight hours people tend to stay up later. Studies have found that people who get only six hours of sleep tend to eat and weigh more than those who sleep at least eight hours. In one sleep deprivation study subjects who were only allowed four hours of sleep per night quickly developed cravings for high-calorie sweets, and their metabolisms came to resemble those of diabetics. Your sleep cycle should match the natural daylight rhythm as closely as possible. 

  3. Drink plenty of clean, pure water. Water is an often overlooked nutrient that is a vital component of the body's metabolic processes. Not only is it involved in flushing fat out of cells, it also fills you up so you eat less. In the summer heat it's easy to become dehydrated before you are aware of it. As we get older our thirst sensors become duller, and dehydration becomes more common among seniors. Aim for eight full glasses a day. 

  4. For crunchy snacks, skip the chips. Indulge instead in raw unshelled pumpkin seeds. The high indigestible fiber content of the shells provide lots of chewing and crunching, and fill you up without extra calories. The comfortably full feeling they give you will last several hours. This effect is enhanced if you drink a full glass of water with them. They also clean your colon, sweeping away sticky debris that clings to the lining of the intestines and adds to the size of your gut. 

  5. The type of exercise you get actually does make a difference. Although all forms of exercise are good for you, when it comes to appetite control you want to engage in the kind of exercise that stimulates the production and release of appetite suppressing brain molecules. This is achieved with twenty minutes of continuous rhythmic movement that slightly raises your heart and breathing rate. Examples are brisk walking, jogging, and dance forms where the same movement is repeated. The more aerobically fit you become, the better this appetite control mechanism will work.