Dr. Deb's Hypertension Formula

Top 10 Health Tips | My Health Formulas

Switch from sodium to potassium salt when cooking or seasoning food. 

Get the right balance of calcium, magnesium, and potassium by eating plenty of green leafy vegetables. 

Use garlic liberally to lower blood pressure. Crush and mash it into potatoes, or spread a crushed garlic clove onto a slice of bread. 

Create a salad and veggie dressing by combining fresh garlic, flax oil, and vinegar. Add a dash or two of potassium salt to neutralize the acid in the vinegar and to help increase your potassium intake. 

Using aged garlic extract can also help. 

Eat four celery stalks a day: this has shown significant results in lowering blood pressure. 

Get plenty of tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots in your diet, as these also contain compounds that can help. 

Exercise daily, as this can bring about phenomenal results. 

Note: My nutritional formulas should be applied in collaboration with your health care provider following a complete assessment by a nutritional consultant to avoid possible drug-herb-food interactions and to address any nutritional imbalances that are unique to you.