Dr. Deb's Diabetic Formula

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To keep blood sugar levels even, eat small amounts of food frequently throughout the day, rather than 2 or 3 large meals. 

Focus on slow-releasing carbohydrates: nuts, peas, beans, and seeds. 

Eat whole rather than refined grains: brown instead of white rice, whole-grain rye instead of white bread. Grind flax seeds and stir them into cooked oatmeal. 

Veggies should be eaten raw or lightly steamed or sauteed. Get five servings daily. 

Get three small servings of fruit per day. Eat those with the lowest glycemic load: apples, pears, berries, and plums. 

Avoid sugar in all its forms. This includes fructose, corn syrup, honey, and maple syrup. 

Avoid fast-releasing carbohydrates (bananas and dried fruit). 

Avoid caffeine. 

Exercise daily. 

Note: My nutritional formulas should be applied in collaboration with your health care provider following a complete assessment by a nutritional consultant to avoid possible drug-herb-food interactions and to address any nutritional imbalances that are unique to you.